Girls crack royal ‘eggsperiment’

It’s not every day that school pupils are commissioned to undertake an official scientific experiment. But that’s ‘eggsactly’ what happened to the girls at Sherborne Girls’ School when the Royal Society of Chemistry asked them to discover what makes the perfect boiled egg and soldiers….

They’ve cracked it! Young science students from Sherborne Girls in Dorset have discovered what makes the perfect boiled egg and soldiers. In an “Eggsperiment” commissioned by the Royal Society of Chemistry and led by Professor Hal Sosabowski (above), principal lecturer in Chemistry at Brighton University, a team of 12 girls tested one of the nation’s favourite breakfasts and confirmed not only the optimum time for boiling an egg but also the key variables that make up the perfect dipping soldier.

The conclusions of the experiment, which were presented in Sherborne Girls’ new £2.5million science centre, were:

  • Margarine makes a stronger soldier than butter
  • White bread makes more effective dunking soldiers
  • Optimum toasting time is 2.5 minutes
  • The perfect soldier dimension is 1.5cm in width
  • The perfect boiled egg takes six minutes

Professor Hal Sosabowski said: “We’ve had a brilliant day of real scientific inquiry. I was particularly impressed by the pupils’ diligence in generating results but not believing what they saw upon first inspection; checking and rechecking their results; scrutinising their own experimental design to eliminate variables and error. I was proud to be involved in the serious scientific inquiry. These pupils are certainly members of the scientific community.”

Sixth-form student Rosanna Younger, 17 (pictured above right with Bethany, 14), whose hypothesis was that “applying margarine to toast will produce stronger soldiers than applying butter” added: “It has been really interesting to identify a strong trend in such a short time. We kept the experiment simple, focusing on one aspect of boiled eggs and soldiers. I love butter on my toast but I might just have to swap over to margarine in future to ensure strong soldiers!”

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