Girls ‘need to be taught how to blow their own trumpet’

Pupils from Wimbledon High School will be taught about self-promotion and celebrating success as part of an innovative “blow your own trumpet week”, it was announced.

The move comes amid fears that girls may be missing out on top jobs in later life by failing to push themselves in the same way as boys.

Heather Hanbury, the school’s headmistress, said women found it harder to “self-promote because they have this view that there will be a backlash” from their peers.

As part of a week-long series of activities starting on Monday, girls at the single-sex school will be asked to write down personal achievements such as passing music exams or making new friends on postcards which will be put up around the school.

Mrs Hanbury said girls needed to be shown how to celebrate success without exaggerating their achievements like some self-obsessed performers on TV shows such as X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

“Women in general are known for finding it harder to trumpet their achievements and accomplishments than men, and teenage girls are particularly prone to fearing being perceived as being arrogant, immodest or boastful,” she said.

Read more in The Telegraph, 29th April 2013

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