Heads oppose the tutoring of pre-schoolers

The headmaster of a leading prep school has described private tutoring .

Ben Thomas, Headmaster of Thomas’s, Battersea, has said that there was “far too much” tutoring in London and described it as as a “hideous concept” that can undermine education.

GSA Heads are also opposed to the practive, saying “Heads of senior schools and prep schools discourage this practice, as it masks the child’s innate abilities and is of no help to the child if they are tutored into a school for which they are not, in the long run, suitable.”

Clarissa Farr, High Mistress at St Paul’s Girls’ School, said: “We are seeing an increase in tutoring and therefore we now ask parents when they apply to declare what tutoring they have provided for their children.

“I am less concerned about the tutoring for admissions to private schools than that which goes on once they are there. I believe that there is a significant industry which trades on insecurity and exam anxiety, sometimes undermining rather than building confidence. There should be a charter which requires all tutors to register with the school any child they tutor attends, so that all parties can work together.”

Gwen Byrom, Headmistress of Loughborough High School, said: “I do have many prospective parents who assume tutoring is a necessary part of the admissions process, despite our best efforts to persuade them otherwise.”

See The Times 30th April 2013 to read more

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