Mount School York to help set up South Sudan Girls’ School

The Mount School in York is to help establish a new boarding school in the world’s newest country, South Sudan. Yorkshire Post 29/5/13

The campaign to create the Ibba Girls’ School is being led by Bridget Nagamoro, who is said to be the only girl in her country to have completed her education and gone on to attend university. It is being backed by the UK-based charity Friends of Ibba Girls’ School and Open University professor Jean Hartley, who was a former pupil at the Mount.

The Mount’s principal Julie Lodrick said it would be able to provide advice on running a boarding school, teaching and learning and guidance on governance. Future teacher and pupil exchanges are also being considered.She said: “When Jean first approached the Mount to become involved with Ibba Girls’ School, it was an educationalist’s dream come true. There is a current trend for large independent schools to make considerable investments establishing overseas satellite schools in countries like China and India. That model for international reach may be appropriate for those schools.

“What is so exciting for The Mount about Ibba Girls’ School is that it could be said our ‘investment’ is the seed that was Joan’s own education. Planted back in 1968, the idea was nurtured in Jean and her fellow students that they can transcend boundaries to make the world a better place. The seed which took root with Jean will now plant seeds of its own with the girls to be educated at Ibba Girls’ School. This is the power of education at its absolute finest.”

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