GCSE – Top STEM Results At Girls’ Schools

Girls who attend single sex girls’ schools have performed exceptionally well in a range of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects in this year’s GCSE results.

Georgina Hopgood, from Exeter, achieved a pass mark of 100% in her biology, physics and food & nutrition exams. Georgina attends The Maynard School where 64% of maths results and 69% of science results were at grades A*/A.

Harriet Dulson from Dame Allan’s School in Newcastle has a perfect 100% in chemistry, as has Amelia Gabriel from St Leonards-Mayfield School in East Sussex, where 78% of candidates achieved A* or A in biology and chemistry and 68% top A*/A in physics.

At St Mary’s School in Cambridge A* grades have been achieved by almost 60% of physics candidates and 55% of statistics candidates who took the subject as an additional mathematics qualification. Eighty four per cent of biology and physics grades and 78% of chemistry grades are A*/A, as are 54% of maths entries.

In GCSE equivalent further maths (AQA level 2 cert), the highest grade available – A** – has been awarded to seven students at Burgess Hill School for Girls as well as Christy Lai, Suzanna Healey and Nicole Chan at Godolphin School in Salisbury.

Jo Heywood, is head of Heathfield School in Ascot where today’s results include 86% A*/A grades in biology, 100% A-B grades in chemistry and 86% A-B in physics. She says:
“Girls in girls’ schools don’t feel as under pressure to make so-called ‘gender decisions’ on which subjects to take as perhaps some girls in mixed schools do, whether this is sub-conscious or otherwise. From an early age, they are told that they are as able as boys to flourish in STEM subjects. They are encouraged to explore and make the mistakes required to learn and to become successful scientists.”

Initial results from the independent schools represented by the Girls’ Schools Association suggest that GCSE and iGCSE results grades are keeping pace with, and in many cases up on, last year.

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