Girls Schools Buck National Trend in STEM A Levels

Bucking the national trend, the A Level results in STEM subjects reflect the high level of girls in independent Girls’ Schools Association schools who not only study science, technology, engineering and maths, but also go on to continue their STEM studies at university.

Dyslexia No Barrier For Ellen

Ellen Sutherland’s dyslexia was no barrier to success. Today she’s celebrating top A* and A grades in A Level Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Ellen, who attends Derby High School, plans to study Medicine at the University of Leicester and is hoping to become a doctor.

She said: “I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was 11 and was given extra support in school. Reading is difficult for me, especially long passages, so I’m really pleased with my results. I’m still in shock really because I didn’t expect these grades.”

Bea Gets Top Marks After Half Year Of Study

At Red Mads School, Bristol, Bea Haigh achieved four A*s and an A in her five A Level subjects, one of which – Physics – she didn’t begin to study for until half way through Year 12. She has now secured a place at her first-choice university, Durham, to study Engineering.

US Golf Scholarship For Chemist Nicola

Nicola Haynes has been awarded a golf scholarship at the James Madison University in Virginia after collecting three As at A Level. Nicola attends Central Newcastle High School for girls. Already on the national circuit in England, and a local County Champion, she hopes to hone her golfing skills while studying for her degree in Chemistry.

Hurricane Sandy Didn’t Stand In Their Way

At Leicester High School, where over half of A Level exams taken were in STEM subjects, girls who were trapped in Hurricane Sandy last October year and almost missed autumn exams, are particularly relieved. They include Charlotte Hall, whose two As and an A* will enable her to study Medicine at Nottingham, and Aruna Ubhi, who has secured a place at Sheffield to study Dentistry with 2 As and a A*.

Twins Prepare For Science Careers

Twins Rosalind and Julia Booth from Andover are preparing to read Chemistry at St Catherine’s College, Oxford and Electrical Engineering at Imperial College London, respectively. Between them, the girls – who attend Sherborne Girls’ School – have achieved seven A*s and one A grade in their A Levels.

Meanwhile, at Withington Girls’ School, around a third of leavers are planning to study STEM-based subjects – such as Engineering, pure Sciences, Astrophysics or Medicine – at university. Almost half of A Level candidates at the school sat exams in STEM subjects and 91% of these secured A*, A or B grades. At Woldingham School *21 out of 27 girls who sat maths A Level achieved a top A or A grade and at Malvern St James School almost all the departing Year 13 will go on to the university course of their choice, with Computer Science, Biochemistry, Medicine and Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics featuring prominently.

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