A Tree is not just for Christmas at Queen Margaret’s

This week 12 beautiful Christmas trees have taken pride of place across Queen Margaret’s School, Escrick. However, these are not just ordinary trees, these trees have been grown and nurtured within the school grounds.

Following a seven year growing programme, 2014 marks the first Christmas when all the trees have been supplied from the grounds. Chosen for their height, branch growth and position, each tree was carefully chopped down and planted within a large container before being brought into the school buildings to be decorated. A Christmas tree is also donated to St Helen’s Church, Escrick every year.
Sustainability is a key consideration. In the new year the trees will be turned into bark chipping for use in the beds and borders and land will be prepared for new 1ft trees to be planted ready for Christmas 2021.
Mrs Carole Cameron, Acting Head of the school, commented:
“We believe it is extremely important to care for our school grounds in the same way we care for our girls. Congratulations to the groundsmen for all their hard work in establishing a new tradition to ensure Queen Margaret’s remains sustainable and is thriving for many years to come.”

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