Telling Tales out of School

In the words of the Independent School’s Council’s Acting General Secretary, Charlotte Vere¹ , ‘it feels like the Independent sector has fewer friends than it used to” and yet at the very moment when election-heavy politicians of all persuasions leap to shake off affiliation with or support for Independent schools, the influence, the quality and the global importance of UK Independent schools have never been higher.

Politicians can if they wish hide the stigma of their independent schooling, like an embarrassing run of A*s and parrot a hundred lines on ‘ the insignificance of the independent sector’ but millions of parents across the country and across the globe will do hard sums this year to send their children to the gold standard education offered by a British independent school. No doubt they have spotted that the country’s Prime Minister, much of his cabinet and of the shadow cabinet, the Mayor of London, the Archbishop of Canterbury, even Oscar winners benefitted from the independent education they are so mighty quiet about. Never mind their words, it’s the success of the leaders and influencers of our society that speaks most loudly.

Independent Schools across Britain offer opportunities that breed intellectual and social confidence and a creativity that is the envy of the world. We all know this, surely it is time for politicians to lose the double think, to make peace with their pasts and give praise where it is due?

Jenny Brown, Headmistress, St Albans High School for Girls


¹ Charlotte Vere is Acting General Secretary of the ISC and also Executive Director of GSA

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