GSA girls show you can serve community & do well in A Levels

Students at GSA schools have demonstrated that you can spend valuable time serving your local community and still do well in your A levels.

Among the many civic minded girls are:

Alice Guillaume (St James Allen’s Girls’ School: JAGS) has achieved 4 A*grades at A level in biology, geography, history and mathematics. Alice is going to read Geography at Newnham College, Cambridge. She is not only a committed environmentalist but also always ready to become involved in Community Action: earlier this year she won the Southwark Food Bank Outstanding Contribution Award, having galvanised JAGS into collecting 1.1 tonnes (6000 items) in only four weeks. JAGS headmistress Marion Gibbs CBE, commented:

“Our sixth form girls have not only enjoyed their studies and worked hard for their examinations, they have also given a huge amount through their service to the wider community. We are very proud of them.”

Anna Blackburn (St George’s, Ascot) has an A* and two As in biology, English and history and is going to study English at university. Anna spent her Saturdays over the past year volunteering for The Autism Trust and was so inspired she wrote her Extended Project Qualification on Autism – an illness in need of a cure or a condition that requires better understanding. She says:

Further north at Sheffield High School, Laura Nutton (pictured) is in her second year as one of the six UK Youth Parliament representatives for Sheffield. Laura is off to Nottingham to read Economics following her 560 point total which includes A level economics A*, maths A* and RS grade A with two additional AS levels and the EPQ.

Fellow student Sally Scrivener, who also attends Sheffield High School, has served the young people in her City as one of the Sheffield Young Advisers. She is off to study at History at Cambridge, having achieved straight A*/A grades in history, British government & politics  and French plus physics AS. Sally also took the additional EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) which she also passed at A*.



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