pic - Kate Saldanha (left) and Bea Cardozo have achieved the highest possible grade, Distinction 1, in the Cambridge Pre-U in Art and Design.

Uber success in Pre U exams for GSA girls

GSA students across the country are celebrating success in their Pre U examinations as well as their A Levels, and none more so than those at Mayfield School.

Beatrice Cardozo  and Kate Saldanha are part of a cohort of girls to achieve the very top mark – Distinction 1 (D1) – in the Cambridge Pre-U in Arts and Design. Universities regard the extremely rare D1 mark as higher than an A* grade.

Kate Saldanha (pictured left), majoring in Ceramics, was awarded A* grades in chemistry and history of art alongside her D1. She will now take up a place at Edinburgh to study Product Design.

Beatrice Cardozo (D1AB) pictured right, above, based her Pre U work on a medieval Spanish theme which has earned her not only outstanding marks but also the admiration of the Queen of Spain herself! Bea will continue studying Art and Design at Art School in Leeds.

Head of Ceramics, Tim Rees-Moorlah, who teaches the Pre-U course at Mayfield, commented:

“I believe the Pre-U course allows pupils to truly explore a theme and develop their skills and interests to a much greater degree than the current A level course. I am overjoyed that our first pupils to complete the course produced such an outstanding body of work and were rewarded for the huge effort they made. I am very much looking forward to seeing what they will produce in the future!”




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