Ofqual announcement re EAR consultation – comment from the Girls’ Schools Association

Commenting on Ofqual’s announcement that it is, today, launching a consultation on aspects of enquiries about results (EARs), Sue Hincks, chair of the Girls’ Schools Association education committee and head of Bolton School (Girls’ Division) said:

This consultation is good news. We must have greater transparency around how grade boundaries are set and enquiries dealt with. The endless criticism of ‘the marking’ has meant that there has not been enough attention on the process by which papers are graded. Behind the statistics, there are young people and their families whose lives are turned upside down. Ofqual must sort this out, make it fair, and explain to schools the process of marking AND grading. This will bring back confidence in the UK examination system.”


Click through to view an infographic from Ofqual showing the proposed changes to exam marking reviews and appeals.


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