Are girls at single sex schools ‘at a disadvantage’?

2016 GSA President Caroline Jordan comments

A Brighton head has written a bizarre article full of unnecessary antagonism towards girls’ schools. Apparently, he believes girls at single sex schools may be at a ‘huge disadvantage’.

GSA President Caroline Jordan issued the following statement:
Whilst Mr Cairns may find it unpalatable, the truth is that girls’ schools feature heavily at the top of the league tables for independent schools and have done for decades. It may also have escaped his attention that all girls’ schools provide plenty of appropriate opportunities for interaction with boys; in fact, it is rather old-fashioned to assume anything other. Finally, it is not just the ‘brightest’ who do better at STEM in girls’ schools – a recent and extensive survey by the Institute of Physics found that girls in independent girls’ schools are 1.5 times more likely to study A Level physics than girls in independent co-ed schools [the figure rises to 2.5 in maintained schools]. It is time for Mr Cairns to cease his rather tiresome attacks on independent schools colleagues – the sector benefits from diversity and choice and I am sure he would agree with that.

You can read the original article here in Independent School Parent and some of the subsequent coverage in the Daily Mail.

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Further reaction to the original article features in The Guardian, 5 January 2016 and The Independent, 4 January 2016.

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