Celebrating record-breaking GCSE results

Celebrating record-breaking GCSE results

25 August 2016

We are proud to announce that St Helen’s girls are today helping us to celebrate the School’s best-ever results in GCSE and IGCSE examinations. Our School House Reception area was today full of girls opening results envelopes and sharing news of exceptional success with their families, friends and teachers. Almost 60% of all grades awarded were A*s, while 88% of grades were A*s or As, comfortably exceeding the School’s previous records. Over half the year group were awarded exclusively A* and A grades, while a total of nine girls achieved a clean sweep of A*s in all their subjects.

Dr Mary Short commented, “These record results are a rich reward for the girls’ exceptional hard work over the last five years in the Senior School. The study skills they have developed, their enthusiastic and inquisitive approach to their subjects, and the unswerving support and encouragement they have received from their parents and the School’s first-class team of teachers and tutors – all of whom are passionate about enabling and challenging the girls to give their very best – have all contributed to this unprecedented success.”

Continuing the trend of previous years, St Helen’s girls achieved top grades across the whole spectrum of academic subjects. 91% of grades awarded in humanities subjects (History, Geography and Religious Studies) were A* and A, while four-fifths of passes in Modern Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian and Japanese) achieved the same high grades; in Spanish, over three-quarters of candidates were awarded A*.
St Helen’s girls also displayed particular flair for literary response and criticism: in English Literature 93% of all passes were at A* or A, while 94% of candidates received the same grades in Drama; all the girls who studied Classical Greek received A*.

In STEM subjects, too, St Helen’s girls continued their track record of exceptional achievement: 80% of all grades awarded in Mathematics, Design & Technology and the separate sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) were A*s.

Dr Short added, “These fabulous results show that St Helen’s girls are true academic all-rounders who excel equally in arts, humanities and sciences. Some of these girls are the scientists, doctors and engineers of tomorrow; others will become politicians, entrepreneurs, performers and thinkers – the possibilities are endless. But great academic results are only part of the story here at St Helen’s: the girls make the very most of the extensive opportunities to take part in sport, music and the performing arts; they discover reserves of resilience and grit by taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the CCF; they make a rich contribution to the wider community through Phab and charitable fundraising. I am excited to find out what these incredibly talented young women are going to achieve next.”

Many congratulations to all the girls!

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