Celebrations after another set of outstanding GCSE results at Headington 

Girls at Headington are celebrating after achieving fantastic results in this year’s GCSE examinations. Significant numbers of girls achieved higher results than in their mock examinations and the majority achieved well above their predictions – in some cases getting several grades higher than expected.

Headmistress Caroline Jordan said: “I am absolutely thrilled for each and every girl receiving their results today. Behind the headline figures are so many individual success stories. As a school with a broad intake, what matters most to us is that each girl achieves her own potential. To see so many girls not just meeting their predictions but exceeding them so confidently is fantastic.

Our girls have worked incredibly hard for their results and I hope they all feel rightly proud of themselves today. Thanks also go to our inspirational teachers who have managed to tease the very best out of their pupils.”

A total of 78 per cent of the grades were higher than the girls’ baseline predictions in Year 10. Of the 128 girls sitting exams, 16 achieved 10 or more A*s, four managing an incredible 11 A*s, and 58 girls, nearly half the yeargroup, achieved all A*s or As. A total of 51.1 per cent of all grades were A*s, while 79.7 per cent were at A* or A.

There were also some exceptional results in individual subject areas. In our last year offering Home Economics Textiles, all four girls taking the qualification achieved A*s. There were exceptional results in History, with two thirds of all girls achieving the top grade in the subject, while in Religious Studies 74 per cent of those taking the subject achieved an A*. Chemistry was another success story, with 68 per cent being awarded the highest grade.

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