GCSEs – Girls Love Languages!

Girls at Girls’ Schools Association schools are keeping language study alive and well.

Isobel Clark from Portsmouth High School is one of 100% of the girls at her school who achieved an A*-A grade in their iGCSE French. A keen sailor, Isobel (pictured above) is planning to study A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, History and French and has her sights set on a university degree in Russian and French.
She said: “I am so shocked but happy with my results.

In Birmingham, 13 year old Naomi Bazlov from King Edward VI High School for Girls is celebrating an A* in GCSE Russian – an impressive three years’ early. Naomi is also a maths and piano prodigy.

Language success is repeated in GSA schools around the country. Some examples include:

St Helen’s School where four-fifths of passes in Modern Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian and Japanese) achieved A* – A grades. In Spanish, over three-quarters of candidates were awarded A*.

Leicester High School where all girls who took two languages – French and Spanish – achieved A* in both.

Heathfield School where three-quarters of girls taking Modern Foreign Languages achieved an outstanding A*-A grade in French, 100% A* in Russian and nine in ten A*-B in Spanish.

Alderley Edge School for Girls where, in contrast to the declining national trend, a high number of girls take modern foreign language subjects and nearly 60% of passes were awarded A* / A.

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