The Girls Scooping 12 or More A* Grades

Girls at Girls’ Schools Association schools are scooping an amazing 12 or more A* grades in today’s GCSE results. They include:

Helena Anderson from Woodseats in Sheffield (Sheffield High School GDST) with 13A*s.

Helena is an outstanding dancer and actress has taken part in a variety of school productions alongside her studies, including taking the starring role in Calamity Jane.

Helena says “I couldn’t sleep, I was so nervous” but once she worked out that the results really did say thirteen A* her reaction was worthy of an Oscar!

A delighted Zoe Rubins from Letchworth Garden City (St Francis College) also achieved 13 A*s.

Hannah Erlebach from Leicester (Leicester High School) has 12 A*s. Hannah scored full marks in five of her GCSE exams and a distinction in Further Maths. She has just returned from an Oxford University Maths Summer School for the brightest mathematicians in the UK.

Hannah Falk from Wiltshire (St Mary’s, Calne) is celebrating 12 A*s.

Lizzie Westley from Oxfordshire (The Kingsley School) achieved 12 A*s and 1 B.

Anna Rimmer (Harrogate Ladies College) achieved 12 A*s including a perfect score of 100% in both History and Latin.

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