Outstanding GCSE results for Stamford High School and Stamford School – another record-breaking year 

Stamford Endowed Schools students are celebrating superb results in their GCSEs, with a phenomenal 57% of girls and 52% of boys achieving A* and A grades.

At both schools, students achieved impressive pass rates. Record numbers of the very highest grade were awarded with over 27% of every examination taken being graded at A*. The percentage of pupils gaining 5 or more GCSEs at Grade C or above was 98% at Stamford High School and 94% at Stamford School.

Principal of the Stamford Endowed Schools, Mr Will Phelan stated: “I am absolutely delighted with the impressive results of our Stamfordians and extremely proud of them. I know that they have worked tirelessly for these examinations and I congratulate them on this significant achievement. 

These results are a testament to our students’ graft, determination, careful preparation, and the Schools’ excellent teachers. This has given our students the base to thrive in the Sixth Form and I look forward to further success at A-Level.” 

Mrs Vicky Buckman, Headmistress of Stamford High School said: “I am absolutely delighted by the performance of our girls; we are all very proud of the determination and effort they have shown over the last two years which has brought them to this point.” 

28 girls from Stamford High School (over a quarter of all candidates) gained 5 A* or better, they were:

Polly Ball, Isabella Bowering, Claudia Campbell, Eilidh Doig, Grace Durose, Lily Dwyer, Megan Ellison, Alexandra Fairbrass, Amelia Findlay, Lydia Frost, Julia Goddard, Beatrice Guttridge-Smith, Rebecca Holyland, Daisy Jowers, Rhona Kelly, Jemima Leedham, Lucy Little, Madeline Munro- Hall, Olivia Moyses, Ruby Nelms, Rachel Radbourne, Sophie Skelton, Holly Smyth, Amelia Szymborska, Alexandra Taylor, Charlotte Twigg, Alice Wibberley and Emma Wilson.

New Headmaster of Stamford School, Mr Nick Gallop noted: “It is remarkable to see the boys of Stamford School doing so well academically at the same time as being involved in so many other high-performing areas of school life. I feel very proud indeed to be taking on the role of Head with the school in such fine academic health.”

29 Boys from Stamford School (over a quarter of all candidates) achieved 5 A* or better, they were:

Rohan Anand, Toby Ashcroft, Monty Barker-Pilsworth, Peter Blissett, Jay Clipston, Harry Cobbett, Robert Curtis, Steven Day, William Dickinson, Samuel Durrant, Oliver Edwards, Henry Farrer, Charles Germany, Augustus Gillick, Sasint Kongpatanakul, Harry Large, Chun Man (Ben) Lee, Connor Leo, Henry McClarnon, Oliver Pollock, Adam Richardson, Samuel Rudd-Jones, Edward (Alfie) Shaw, Jonah Shrive, William Smith, Samuel Talbot, Monty Toseland, Cian Tye, Harry Wattam.

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