You’re Hired! The A Level Students Pursuing Alternative Career Paths

Girls at GSA schools are proving that personal success doesn’t always have to come in the form of a traditional degree course.

Alternative futures include apprenticeships, scholarships and following your passion.

International rally car champion Catie Munnings has chosen to pursue her passion for racing rather than go down the traditional university route. A student at Kent College in Pembury, Catie has been combining her A Level studies with rallying in the European championships. One of only a handful of women in the sport, she’s all set to take her three A Levels (1A* 1A & 1B) and follow her dream.

At Ipswich High School for Girls, Chloe Calver will begin an apprenticeship in Terrorism Insurance after gaining A Levels in Business, PE and Psychology. Her fellow student Chiara Townsend has A Levels in Art, Business and Spanish and is about to being a BT apprenticeship.

Saskia Beasley, from The Kingsley School in Leamington Spa, has a double whammy instore. She has a place to study Law at Liverpool University followed by a military scholarship at Sandhurst. Saskia has A Levels in History (A*), Politics (A) and English Literature (B).

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