Learn, explore, discover

Learn, explore, discover

27 September 2016

The Library, situated at the very heart of the school, provides a brand new and exciting learning space for the whole school community. Along with a range of fiction and non-fiction books, there are individual work stations, collaborative working areas and a dedicated classroom for more formal lessons.

At the opening Jacob gave a brief speech, including an insight into how he felt libraries were instrumental to him becoming the poet he is today. He spoke about the fond memories he has of going to libraries when he was younger, and how he feels that libraries are spaces where imagination can run free.

Following the opening Jacob spent the afternoon at Pipers, delivering workshops to girls in Year 9 and 10. This provided a unique opportunity for the girls to discuss not only Jacob’s work, but their own style of writing, enabling them to gain inspiration as to how they can write more effectively about the things that are important to them.

Jacob’s writing explores the Black-British cultural identity and aspects of popular culture. His mission is to mentor and inspire young people around the world to read and write poetry. His poems have featured in various literary magazines and TV programmes around the world.

Headmistress, Mrs Ness-Gifford, said “It was a huge pleasure welcoming Jacob to open our library today. He has inspired so many of our girls with his writing that is seems fitting for him to be here and share this experience with us. It is our belief that our new library will evolve year on year, and I hope that the girls will define the space and make it their own for years to come. It truly is a place where all girls can learn, explore and discover.”

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