Sleeping under the stars – Y5 Bushcraft Trip

Sleeping under the stars – Y5 Bushcraft Trip

24 September 2016

Our Y5 Prep girls got to grips with the great outdoors last week. From making shelters to sleep in to gutting a fish, everyone learnt at least one new skill, and everyone found it a totally memorable experience.

“Bushcraft has been an amazing experience and one of the best trips ever at JAPS. We did loads of activities, including dissecting a fish, sleeping under the stars, camouflage games, toasting marshmallows and many more.” Ariana

“The nature in the woods really caught my attention. I was struck with awe by the green canvas dotted with blue shimmery patches, the twisting tree trunks, the warm and silent air. I also enjoyed drifting off to sleep snuggled in my sleeping bag as the nocturnal animals chattered away.” Arushi

“Bushcraft is great. You learn new skills and learn things you’ve never known before. Bushcraft is a place where you do lots of outdoor activities and learn how to survive in the wilderness. Don’t worry about sleeping in tents and camping. The Tribe leaders are super nice and the food there is amazing!” Khadija

“For camouflage we had to disguise ourselves. Matt, my active, amazing Tribe leader gave out a pale, brown mixture – it was mud mixed with ash and water. I took a massive handful of it and covered myself with it. Then I got some twigs and large fluorescent leaves and stuck them in my hair and my socks. I was ready to play some games!” Trinity

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