Happy 10th Birthday to Malvern St James Girls’ School

Happy 10th Birthday to Malvern St James Girls’ School

19 October 2016

2016 is a very special year for Malvern St James Girls’ School (MSJ). October 18th marked the 10th Anniversary of the official opening of the school by HRH The Duke of Gloucester in 2006, following the merger of Malvern Girls’ College and St James’s School. The school celebrated with a massive party, hundreds of cupcakes and circus-style entertainment from London-based ‘Ministry of Fun’. 

The party also had a serious side as it launched a year-long fundraising campaign by the school in aid of local charity Malvern Special Families. This charity, which MSJ has been working with for many years, provides stimulating and fun social opportunities for children and young people with disabilities. MSJ’s aim is to raise £10,000 for Malvern Special Families over the course of this year. Much of the fundraising will be done by MSJ girls themselves, based on their own ideas and initiatives.

Mrs Olivera Raraty, Headmistress of MSJ, comments, “Choosing a local charity to partner with was very important to us. Malvern Special Families is a superb facility and we are delighted to be working with them. MSJ girls have regularly hosted an annual party for the children and families supported by Malvern Special Families;  they’ve really enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot from the experience. 2016’s activities will build on this.”

“As for MSJ itself, there is plenty of cause for celebration. The school is rooted in the Malvern community and its founding schools go all the way back to the nineteenth century. MSJ is significant in that it is now the only remaining all-girls school going through to Sixth Form, not only in Malvern, but also in Worcestershire. Nobody does boarding education quite as well as the British, and we are proud to be one of the leading schools for girls in this field. It is great therefore to be celebrating our first decade, and already we’re looking well ahead to the next decade and beyond. This feels like a very exciting time to be the new Headmistress, and I’m enjoying every minute of my time here.”

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