Hopes & fears of going to University – First Sixth-Form Survey

Our colleagues at HMC today briefed press on the results of a joint GSA/HMC survey of sixth form students. This was carried out to gain a picture of their attitudes as they start university life and is the first study of its kind. The poll was designed to inform the work schools and universities do to prepare pupils for higher education.

Findings summary

The survey finds that the young people:

  • Are serious minded and focussed, looking forward to their studies, not just to university as ‘fun’
  • Are most looking forward to their studies and their course content
  • Fear money worries and workload. The first few days are shrouded in mystery and this may contribute significantly to any feelings of nervousness they experience.
  • Feel well-informed in the main, and find a variety of resources to help them
  • A significant minority worry greatly about social life
  • Are not impressed by expensive facilities; they want and expect value for money
  • Their main hopes are for independent study, interacting with new people, and a good social life
  • Are not thinking much about employability yet – going to university continues to be more about opportunities and meeting stimulating people

Full report available here.
Read the full press briefing here.

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