Nimble Niamh takes Gold in National Fencing Contest

Nimble Niamh takes Gold in National Fencing Contest

3 February 2017

A fencing champion who speared the gold medal in a national competition has said it was “quite cool to win”. Niamh from Inglefield House won first place in the U10 Welsh Girls Foil, in which only hits to the torso count as points. She said: “I started fencing in Year 3 because my Dad used to fence and he told me it was fun and exciting and that it gives you an adrenaline rush. My sister Freya is older than me and a lot taller. I thought if I started fencing that I might get stronger and maybe I’d be able to win when I fight her.”

Niamh practises her sword skills once a week at school. She added: “I would like to fence professionally for Wales and going to the Olympics would be amazing. I would say ‘definitely do it’ to anyone thinking of taking it up. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication but it’s worth it. It builds up your core. Press-ups are part of my training, but not all the time – which is good. It makes you feel really good when you win a fight, I recommend it.”

Niamh used to be the only girl who fenced at Inglefield, but now the club has extended as three more girls have followed her lead.

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