Pupils at The Queen’s School rise to the challenge by setting up a museum

Year 6 pupils at The Queen’s School recently set up their own museum in school, giving tours and creating their own ‘historical artefacts’ as part of their new enriched curriculum.

The bold new ‘Learning Challenge Curriculum’ is being introduced at The Queen’s Lower School to give pupils more challenge and enable them develop their skills and knowledge further in not just maths, reading and writing but art, the sciences, humanities, music, physical activity and drama.

The curriculum will be introduced at the Liverpool Road independent school from September in every year group. Until now it has been piloted in certain year groups with excellent feedback and progress.
The School’s Learning Challenge Curriculum Leader Mrs Alison Stables said: “Recently my Year 6 lessons in history and creative development were interwoven with the focus of opening a museum to which pupils could invite family and friends. This gave them a tangible focus for their learning throughout the topic as they understood from the outset what the final objective was to be.

“The pride and authority with which they guided their visitors around the Shang Dynasty museum was underpinned by such secure knowledge that it was empowering for each individual pupil. It is our vision that every child in the school will be inspired to learn in this way.”
“Our Learning Challenge Curriculum offers our teachers the opportunity to extend reading, writing and maths through meaningful cross-curricular, problem-solving activities which fire enthusiasm and truly embrace our vision of ‘limitless learning’.
“We firmly believe that teaching in this imaginative, skills-based way, driven by pupils’ questions which forge creative and cohesive links between subjects, is the way to enrich and enhance what we offer in school.
“The museum is just one example of how we have begun to embed the new curriculum to great effect already and we are already seeing the girls’ experience of all subjects
enriched. It is exciting to imagine the potential for our pupils when we roll out the new curriculum to all year groups in September.”

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