An Animated Day for LEH Juniors

An Animated Day for LEH Juniors

1 March 2017

They learnt many skills as well as having to work as a team, sharing and delegating jobs. The girls left buzzing about the day and will now use iMovie with the iPads to create their own film combining all the clips.

I really enjoyed creating the backdrops and filming our characters using the iPads as I had never done that before. Although the animation went quite well, there are still things that I could improve for next time including thinking thoroughly about what you are filming before you do it. I learnt that you have to move your characters really slowly each time you take a picture because if you move the character in big steps, it will move really quickly when playing your animation back to yourself – Amaya (LIIE)

I really enjoyed animation day. My favourite part of the day was making the animation. It was really funny when my group made some characters die, because the blood just suddenly appeared! I have learnt that you have to be patient to make a good animation. If I did it again I would try not to move the camera as much because it made it look like everything was moving! – Sophie (LIIE)

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