Author Caroline Lawrence Talks Classics

Author Caroline Lawrence Talks Classics

20 March 2017

Mrs Lawrence also highlighted how the world of Classical Civilisation and Latin can open doors to many opportunities. Surprisingly, Caroline revealed that she had only become interested in Classics and Latin at the age of 18 when she started studying Latin and Greek.

The writer of ‘The Roman Mysteries’ books discussed how ancient myths and legends inspired her to write the series which follow a young girl called Flavia, in Ancient Rome, as she solves mysteries and reveals secrets within her city. She also spoke of how the popularity of her books led to the BBC also producing a children’s TV series based on them and spoke vividly of how even world renowned authors and movies today still take inspiration from literary work and drama of the Ancient Greek and Roman times. Great works such as the Iliad by Homer, and the Aeneid written by Virgil, have greatly influenced the plots and storylines of classic films and books we see today.

Caroline Lawrence shared her own secret formula for writing and encouraged the students to write about subjects that interest them, taking inspiration from books and films they have seen themselves.

Two students from the L6 studying Classical Civilisation and Latin later interviewed Caroline where she spoke in more depth about how it was important for her to have a strong, empowering lead female in her novels. She also hoped anyone reading her books would take away some knowledge of life and culture from the time in which they are set and share her love of the ancient Roman and Greek worlds. Some students were lucky enough to have lunch with Caroline, carrying on the discussion about her influences and how her knowledge of the ancient world has influenced her work.

The truly inspiring talk by Caroline Lawrence was enjoyed by all, students and staff alike. There are a range of books written by Caroline available in the school library.

Written by Ellie Burrage L6KL

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