Farlington School Community helping Ugandan School Transform Lives


The Farlington School community has done a terrific job of raising money for Nalango Primary School in Uganda. After the Headteacher of Nalango Secondary School, Paul Kasadha, visited Farlington in September 2015, Farlington students held a number of fundraising events to help the rural African school which lacked even basic classroom desks and chairs.

Paul Kasadha told Farlington students how he began by teaching students from beneath a mango tree, but now has more than 600 pupils and has transformed many lives. He explained that each class has 80 students, many of whom walk for miles to get to school and that some students often only have one meal per day, which is provided by the school.

Inspired by his visit, Farlington students held an Easter egg raffle, a cake sale and the whole school participated in a sponsored walk in the Sussex countryside. The proceeds collected from a non-uniform day were also donated. In all, the school raised a total of £725. The money raised payed for a classroom furniture package consisting of:
• 12 tables
• 24 chairs
• 4 book shelves
• 5 lockable cupboards

The furniture has the words ‘Donated by Farlington School’ stencilled on it. Nalango School recently sent photographs of the furniture with their thanks for all of the fundraising efforts.

“We hope the package will make a real difference to the young people at Nalango Primary School. Currently, some of their classrooms lack the furniture needed to meet the students’ needs and to teach effectively. Thank you to everyone at Farlington for their fundraising efforts and please look out for future events to support Nalango School!” said John Dwyer, Head of Geography at Farlington, who cycled from the Pyrenees to Sussex last summer with 40 other cyclists to raise money for the Ugandan school.


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