‘Grow Your Amazing Brain’ from the Raising Resilience Team

‘Grow Your Amazing Brain’ from the Raising Resilience Team

3 March 2017

The girls thoroughly enjoyed learning about how they can be more resilient when faced with setbacks as well as the valuable message that persistence, hard work and mistakes all lead to our neurons making new connections which in turn, helps our brains to grow!

On the evening of 9th February we welcomed our FI and UI parents to a talk by clinical psychologists, Dr Fiona John and Dr Sarah Wilson. They were able to share what had taken place during the class workshops and offer some top tips for our parents to take home.

It was really fun because they told us how our brain grows. We learned about the three friends that would help us on our way; Kindly Kim, Have a Go Jo and Petunia Protects – Olivia (FIH)

I liked the part where we were writing on the post-it notes to say what the three friends would say. We also had to write brain stoppers on red post-it notes – Jemma (FIF)

They were pouring different liquids on a sponge brain. Each liquid represented things we need to do to help our brain grow. We need effort, persistence, mistakes, practice and others – Sameeksha (FIF)

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