Hitting the headlines

Hitting the headlines

22 March 2017

The activity was all part of the girls’ involvement in BBC School Report. This year is the 11th annual School Report News Day with secondary school children at more than 900 schools around the UK taking part.

Since the beginning of the year the girls met on Wednesday lunchtimes to plan the project and explore different types of journalism, discussing the articles and films they would like to produce.

During the interview the girls asked Sir David a variety of questions including “How did you get into acting?”, “Do you think that Drama is valuable in schools?” and “What do you think about the fact that the new GCSE Drama syllabus doesn’t require pupils to watch live performances?” Following the recording it was off to the editing suite to work on their film in order to get it ready for the 2pm production deadline.

English teacher, Miss Maddock, said “The BBC School Report is a really fantastic project. Watching the girls learn new skills like video editing and working with cameras is always a joy. I also think the chance for them to work with organisations such as the BBC at a young age is an invaluable one – it opens a whole new world of career possibilities for them, whilst engaging them in current affairs.”

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