The Great Spanish Cook-Off

The Great Spanish Cook-Off

7 March 2017

Led by the Spanish staff and Joy Moran, the food-technology teacher,  in the Creative Arts and Technology building, each group of 4 or 5 girls peeled, sliced and fried the potatoes as the key ingredient to their tortillas. Beaten eggs were mixed with the patatas and the girls were free to improvise with a few extra ingredients such as olives, peppers and spicy sausage, to make some delicious and authentic-looking tortillas. The tasty tortillas were judged by Mr David Hancock, the school chef, and Mrs Holloway. Winning young chefs for their egg-xcellent skills were as follows: Lydia Glanville, Ellie Johnstone, Courtney Wilkie, Lottie Hoskin, Estelle Sheldon-Neal, Isla James, Jess Holloway, Becky Rowney, Olivia Pereira and Grace Woodifield.

Enjoying the cuisine of Europe has become a feature of the MFL curriculum and follows the annual Upper 3 snail-tasting and the Spanish and French breakfasts offered to the girls, staff and parents earlier in the year.

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