Upcycled Fashion at Cheltenham Ladies’ College

Upcycled Fashion at Cheltenham Ladies’ College

31 March 2017

All the innovative garments were designed, created and modelled by the students and were made from rubbish or unwanted textiles. Each outfit on the catwalk was unique and the evening showcased and celebrated the girls’ creativity, visionary thinking and problem-solving skills.

The winner of the competition’s ‘Upcycled Category’ was Year 9 pupil Lara, who impressed the judges with her stylish and skillful transformation of a stretch jersey dress and a crocheted waistcoat into a layered top. Year 10 pupil Naomi won the ‘Trashion Category’, wowing the judges with her ingenious use of polypockets and safety pins to construct a stunning pair of trousers and a mesh top. Each Junior House also worked as a team to submit a group entry into the show’s ‘House Trashion Category’.

The competition was judged by Christina Pettigrew, from Caroline Charles in Cheltenham, and prizes were provided by Sweaty Betty.

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