Cobham Hall Stages Greatest Show on Earth

The last few days of term saw Cobham Hall transformed, awash with colour and turned into a circus, complete with a fairground, in order to tell the story of Phineas Taylor Barnum the self-crowned ‘Prince of Humbug’! For it was time, once again, for the School Production to roll into town.

At Cobham Hall, every Spring Term is brought to a close with a three-night run of the School Production. This year, the girls staged the musical ‘Barnum’. The Cobham Hall girls brought enthusiasm and professionalism to the show. Director Mrs Patricia Gough had a vision of “Barnum” that the girls strove to realise, supported unfailingly by our Head of Music Ms Penny Clements, Voice and Piano Tutor Mr Matthew Haas, Drama teacher Miss Sarah Boyle, Tutor of Musical Theatre and Communication Miss Natasha Elliot, and teaching assistant Mrs Julie Balson.

In true Cobham Hall style, the production was a whole school effort. From those involved onstage, to those behind the scenes: a team of girls handled lights, and audiences attending early enjoyed by all the fun of the fair. Under the direction of Miss Katherine Lambert, several girls were on hand to awe the crowd, from unicycling to bubble-making, hook-a-duck to hoopla, there was plenty of enjoyment on West Lawn before the show. Even our maintenance team were involved, with carpenter Mr Richard Holdoway building Circus Rostra, a piano on wheels, a Hall of Mirrors, and not least a giant roll-along elephant.

On stage, the girls were all magnificent. Year 13 pupil Tilly Green, our Barnum, displayed consummate professionalism, energy crackling through every line and note. Year 12’s Bonnie Welch oozed charm as the ever-faithful Chairy, and Year 13’s Evie Fisher stole the moment with her comic timing. Younger girls also showed vocal prowess with star turns from Year 9 pupils Maisy Rose as Tom Thumb and Lucy Colbert as Joice Heth.

Well done to all involved!

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