Year 8 artist shortlisted for Turner Contemporary Competition

Year 8 artist shortlisted for Turner Contemporary Competition

10 May 2017

Last term, Year 8 pupil Poppy Tester submitted a piece of work to ‘Portfolio’, a national schools’ competition run by the Turner Contemporary.  The theme of the competition was ‘Make a Change’.

“I spent a lot of time looking for inspiration,” Poppy explained. “I saw lots of images that had people surrounded by negative words and that started the idea of making a change to bullying by ‘protecting’ the girl’s face with words of positivity to combat the negative.”

The finished piece, which features a young girl’s face surrounded by newsprint words, took Poppy just over two weeks to put together. “I spent about an hour each day on it.  It took some time to find all the words I wanted. I had some in mind, but then also found others that just seemed to fit.”

This competition was the first art contest she had entered.  We found out this term that from over a thousand entries overall, whittled to just 107 shortlisted pieces, Poppy’s work was a top six placement.

All shortlisted entries will be shown as part of a slideshow during the Turner Contemporary’s summer show, ‘Every Day is a New Day’.  Well done, Poppy!

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