Budding Entrepreneurs Win Top Awards

Budding Entrepreneurs Win Top Awards

21 July 2017

Both teams now go through to the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Final on 9th May and are looking forward to it. It is the first time in seven years that MSJ has had two companies get this far.

The two teams are Dynamic, which won awards for Best Managing Directors and Best Company with their mindfulness and wellbeing book, The Little Book of You and Illuminate, which won awards for Best Use of IT, Best Company Report and Best Company for their locally produced ‘Posh Squash’ cordials.

Dynamic’s The Little Book of You includes contributions from The Mindfulness Project based in London, Olympic Gold Medallist Helen Glover and BAFTA Travel Writer, Steve Backshall. The girls created their book in recognition of the stigma and problems surrounding mental wellbeing today. Since creating it, they have been in contact with a local youth club, aiming to spread their positive message and they have also been working with a Special Educational Needs school in Stratford who have requested a session from the team about Mindfulness.

Illuminate created ‘Posh Squash’, which is available in two flavours (Peppermint and Line, and Blackcurrant), to fit into a gap in the market for upmarket, non-alcoholic drinks. Illuminate have previously won a prize for the best product at the Worcester trade fair in the Autumn due their cordials’ professional branding and the fact that the judges could picture it in a high end store. In the girls’ own words, “Posh Squash is more than just a drink. It brings families together by providing an alternative to alcohol that can be enjoyed by kids and adults.”

Young Enterprise is popular at MSJ, with two thirds of Year 12 taking part. “Many of us started Young Enterprise with the hopes of gaining some business experience and learning the “behind the scenes” work of a firm and we’ve done just that”, said Izzy Lee and Andrea Rugasira of Illuminate.

Mrs Olivera Raraty said, “All of the girls have worked incredibly hard and getting through to the Final is a fantastic achievement for both companies”.

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