Challengers at The Royal School

Challengers at The Royal School

7 July 2017

Local primary and junior schools, including St Bartholomew’s, Camelsdale Primary, Shottermill Junior School, St James’ Primary and Bordon Junior School, sent teams of Year 5 pupils all ready to be tested to the limit.

In keeping with The Royal School’s diamond education model, the girls and boys had separate challenges. Working in teams, the children had four activities to complete and were scored on how well each task was executed. The challenges this year were based around PE, Drama, Science and History with boys’ and girls’ teams being equally competitive!

Mr Ian Senior, Deputy Principal of The Royal School, commented, “This was the 24th year we have run a Challenge Day at the school. It is fantastic to see the unfailing enthusiasm the children have for the day. The number of schools wanting to get involved is testament to how much the children enjoy the competition.”

At the end of the day, with all tasks complete, the tension mounted as all the teams gathered together and waited for the scores to be tallied and for the winners to be announced. Congratulations to St Bartholomew’s (Yellow) Team for winning the boys’ challenges and St James’ Primary School for winning the girls’ challenges. 

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