Almost a fifth of ISC Independent School A-level entries scored top A* grade

The Independent Schools Council (‘ISC’) has today released A level results for the sector. This year’s figures, which have been collected from 452 schools, reveal:

  • Almost half of A-level entries at ISC schools received either an A* or an A. At 47.9%, this is almost double the national average of 26.3%.
  • The proportion of pupils getting three A*s or equivalent stands at 7.8%, while the percentage of entries getting an A* at A-level is now 18.3%.
  • There was an increase in candidates taking Extended Project (+40.6%), Pre-U (+56.2%), and BTEC (+20.2%) qualifications.
  • The average points score for pupils taking the IB Diploma was 37, roughly equivalent to 4.5 As at A-level. In the International Baccalaureate, 3.7% of pupils obtained 45 points, the highest mark, which is only achieved by 0.1% of candidates worldwide.

Girls’ Schools Association President Charlotte Avery commented:

“The proportion of independent school A-level entries that achieve an A* or A is almost double the national average. When you consider the breadth of school types contained within the independent sector – which includes non-selective schools as well as schools that specialise in supporting students with special educational needs or pupils with behavioural issues – this is a tremendous achievement.”

The Girls’ Schools Association is a member of the ISC. The full ISC statement and supporting information can be found here:


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