Full STEAM ahead – Portsmouth High School GDST out performs in both STEM and Art

Full STEAM ahead – Portsmouth High School GDST out performs in both STEM and Art

24 August 2017

It was full STEAM ahead as girls at Portsmouth High School GDST were celebrating this morning after receiving their GCSE results.  The school were delighted that 44% of all grades were A* and 87% of the girls received A*-B grades.  69% of grades achieved were A*-A, with a total of 98% at A*-C.  The girls out-performed in both STEM and Arts subjects. 

There was great success in the STEM subjects with 100% of the girls receiving A*-B in biology, physics and chemistry.  In French, Spanish and drama there was 100% success rate of girls achieving A*-B grades and there was 100% of girls achieving A* in Latin Language, Russian and Japanese. 

‘We credit our success to the hard work of our specialist teachers, disciplined classes and highly regarded, traditional courses, which give our girls a firm foundation for academic excellence,’ said Headmistress, Jane Prescott.  

Francesca McBride, 16, added 11 A*s to the one A* she achieved in French two years ago.  

‘I am really ecstatic,’ she said.  ‘I was really nervous but feeling positive this morning.  I absolutely love Portsmouth High School and I wanted all the support I’ve been given and the hard work I’ve put in to reflect the grades I was getting today.  It’s my dad’s birthday and I haven’t told him my grades yet.  He will be so pleased.’ 

Frances Colley, 16, received nine A*s across all subjects.  

‘I am absolutely thrilled,’ she said, ‘I am planning on taking Spanish, mathematics and chemistry for A Levels here, at Portsmouth High School. But, right now, I’m off to celebrate with some breakfast.’   

Imogen Dyne, 16, received nine A*s and an A. 

‘I’m out for breakfast too,’ she added.  ‘I am going to take French, mathematics and chemistry for A Levels here with the possibility of joining the Navy in the future.’ 

Felicity Duck, 16, was equally thrilled with her grades of 2 of each from A*-C. 

‘I couldn’t have achieved these without the amazing support of all the teachers,’ she said.  ‘I’m going to be studying psychology, politics and sociology at A Level and I am so excited to be joining the Sixth Form.’ 

Headmistress, Mrs Jane Prescott, added:  ‘Girls succeed across the school in all areas including sport, drama and music and today we celebrate those successes too.  We are very proud of all the girls who have worked extremely hard this year.  The combination of excellent teaching and a commitment to do well has ensured they have got the grades they deserve.’ 

For girls who are looking to apply to Portsmouth High School’s for September 2018, our Open Morning is on Saturday 7 October from 9.00am.

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