‘A Head for Business’ Entrepreneur Challenge

‘A Head for Business’ Entrepreneur Challenge

30 October 2017

The girls displayed great entrepreneurial thinking and developed a wonderful range of ideas and inventions including storage solutions, pencil charms, string decorations, activity jars, tote bags, green growing cups and a boredom busters book. They pitched their initial business ideas to a panel of entrepreneur ‘Business Angels’ and were grilled about their concepts, research and plans.  

Local entrepreneur Tanya Goodin helped the girls with their business and marketing understanding during the project and came to the Trade Fair to see the products the girls had created.   She declared the girls’ presentation skills, not to mention the initiative and adaptability they had shown throughout the whole project, made them more employable than any of the recent graduates she had interviewed! High praise indeed. The Trade Fair raised an amazing £1,605. 

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