Bolton School Pupils Quiz Labour’s Sir David Crausby

Bolton School Pupils Quiz Labour’s Sir David Crausby

27 October 2017

Bolton School Girls’ Division welcomed Labour MP for Bolton North East, Sir David Crausby, for a lunchtime question and answer session. The Sutcliffe Studio was packed with students from both Divisions who are studying Politics at A Level, members of the Girls’ Division Politics Club and other pupils interested in hearing about Sir David’s political career.

Pupils’ questions ranged across a wide variety of topics. Sir David was asked about his motivations for becoming a MP and discussed the importance of MPs representing all walks of life. He was also asked about his opinions on Trident, and gave a very thorough answer: he talked about nuclear submarines in term of defence and his views on the importance of keeping some form of nuclear deterrent for the UK.

When asked about Labour’s move from the centre to the left, he said that first it’s important to define what the centre is as the ‘centre’ moves all the time. He mentioned the fact that the left used to be against the common market and for unilateral disarmament, whereas the situation is totally different today. He finally said that he thinks it’s better to deal with issues one at a time, rather than ask questions about the left, right and centre. However, he added that all parties must take the ‘centre’ into account in order to be elected, as this represents the majority.

He talked about clashing with many different politicians throughout his career, both within his own party and beyond. However, he added that in his opinion an MP should have their own mind, not blindly follow and agree with the leader of their party.

He was then asked if he thought Jeremy Corbyn, who he has been critical of in the past, should be the next leader. He replied that he hopes he will be as he is not impressed with Theresa May!

Sir David was able to give pupils a fascinating insight into his career and some of the decisions he has made during his years in parliament.

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