Comprehensive Education Platform Launches in UK at Lady Eleanor Holles School

Comprehensive Education Platform Launches in UK at Lady Eleanor Holles School

31 October 2017

It allows teachers and students access to digital textbooks and learning management systems online, on a PC, a tablet, or via smartphone. The platform is being utilized in both the secondary school and the junior school.

“We’re delighted to be the first school in the UK to use classoos in the classroom, and so far it has proved highly successful with our students and staff,” said Heather Hanbury, Head Mistress of Lady Eleanor Holles. “LEH introduced iPads on a one to one basis last year as a way to enhance digital learning. Using digital text books is an important extension of this initiative. Our students are really enjoying using classoos and we look forward to them having the opportunity of accessing many new titles not yet available on other digital platforms.”

classoos is working with current textbook publishers already being used in schools around the United Kingdom.  Recently, classoos signed distribution partnerships with education publishers Pearson and Hodder Education to feature their digital textbooks on the classoos platform. 

classoos is a platform that transforms aspects of education from students to teachers to school administration:

●        For students, they are able to access and organize their textbooks and class work through all of their digital devices and in the format that they have grown most accustomed to outside of the classroom.  Students are able to enrich the digital textbooks by applying additional content layers: articles, videos, Google search, annotations, highlights and more. Students are also able to set reminders for assignments and connect with their peers and teachers through the platform. 

●        For teachers, classoos allows parceling out existing content and creation of original content within the platform, plus real-time analytics to better assess how each student is connecting with the material.  The ability to adjust a teaching plan for each student at any time provides an immediate solution for any students on whom the teacher must focus extra attention.

●        For schools, classoos allows for school-wide content sharing in addition to a real-time ability to assess teaching effectiveness and student engagement on a macro and granular level.

“With digital devices in every hand and budget constraints everywhere, more and more schools around the country are looking for a reliable, simple and a working solution to allow them to start working with digital textbooks on their everyday tasks in school and at home,” said Amir Golan, Co-CEO and Founder of classoos. 

Lady Eleanor Holles School is the first school to adopt classoos with more under contract and to be announced soon. 

For more information, please contact:


Erin L. Cox


[email protected]

classoos is a leading provider of advanced mobile digital learning solutions for the education industry. Incepted in 2011 by four visionary and relentless technology, business and media executives, we’re set to revolutionize the digital learning ecosystem. We craft & forge smart technologies, compelling user experiences and powerfully intuitive management tools to transform the way schools manage, teachers educate and students live & learn digitally.

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