LEH Head Mistress calls time on mobile phones in students’ bedrooms

LEH Head Mistress calls time on mobile phones in students’ bedrooms

9 October 2017

Mrs Hanbury stated: “ We are acutely aware that smartphones and tablets in bedrooms disrupt the sleep of children even if they are switched off.  Rather than FOMO, we are focusing on FOMOOS – fear of missing out on sleep.”

Researchers at King’s College London and Cardiff University have found that using smartphones or tablets before bedtime not only doubled the risk of a disrupted night’s sleep but also increased the chances of feeling excessively sleepy the following day.

They also identified that sleep was significantly disturbed by the mere presence of devices – almost to the same level as actually using a gadget. They recommended that they should be removed from bedrooms altogether to improve sleep.

 “We hope parents will support us in this initiative. We have nothing against the responsible use of mobile phones and tablets; indeed, iPads are an important teaching aid at LEH.  Parents can help their children to make smart choices by talking to them about the importance of a good night’s sleep, and by explaining how checking social media right before bed or throughout the night can negatively impact on their health, wellbeing, and emotions.”

Lady Eleanor Holles

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