LEH makes head space for a Wellbeing Day

LEH makes head space for a Wellbeing Day

6 October 2017

Activities will include brain training for emotional resilience, techniques to “rewire your anxious brain”, creative and mindful responses to Art, and a Mindspace Garden Project, where students will help create a tranquil space in the school’s grounds where they may spend time alone or with friends.

The Wellbeing Day is part of a comprehensive pastoral programme that is now integral to the school’s ethos. “The aim of the Programme is to help pupils to find balance and fulfilment in their sometimes hectic lives. By understanding how their bodies and minds function, we believe they can learn to look after themselves better during times of stress.” Heather Hanbury, LEH’s Head Mistress stated.

“It has never been more important to concentrate our efforts on keeping our students happy and healthy. Every day a new article appears in the press underlining the challenges young people face, particularly teenage girls. They are under a huge range of pressures, including exams, body image issues, and the pressure created by social media. It is our responsibility to prioritise well-being and not just concentrate on exam results. We are absolutely convinced that exam success and student happiness are not mutually exclusive.”

One in four teenage girls believes they are suffering from depression, according to a major study by University College London. The research, which tracked more than 10,000 teenagers, found widespread emotional problems among today’s youth, with misery, loneliness and self-hate rife.

Over the past year, LEH has been working to support both students and parents with guidance from experts in teenage mental health, including Janey Downshire and Natasha Devon MBE.

“The Wellbeing Day will ensure everyone in the LEH community understands the importance of mental and physical well-being. It will give students and staff alike strategies to feel good about themselves and bring joy to themselves and those around them.” Mrs Hanbury concluded.

Mental health in the workplace is the theme of World Mental Health Day 2017. World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues and mobilizing efforts in support of better mental health.

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