Schools must provide a ‘moral compass’ for young girls

Hilary French, headmistress of Newcastle High School for Girls, speaking in The Sunday Telegraph has said that today’s teenagers are lacking a “homespun common sense approach”, adding that schools must “step in for the benefit of the girls”.

She explained how a number of changes in society – including the breakdown of the extended family network and the waning influence of the Church – have led to a decline in moral authorities that influence girls as they grow up.

This means parents are under greater strain to provide an ethical framework for their daughters, which they are often unable to do since they are struggling to cope with the same cultural pressures themselves.

If you’re a young parent you’re under as much  pressure as teenagers are nowadays in terms of trying to keep up, balancing, juggling, all these sorts of things. It is very hard.  The extended family of aunts, grandparents and great grandparents which you tend to see in Europe more is split up in our country. Partly because our lives are so busy and partly because people move around so much. There are a lot of parents now who don’t have a benefit of advice from previous generations and can’t rely on them for help.”

Read the full article – The Sunday Telegraph 8 October 2017


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