St Helen and St Katharine Bookbirds launch

St Helen and St Katharine Bookbirds launch

18 October 2017

It is always so compelling to listen to Brennand-Wood talking about his work and the process of creating and we are grateful to have had him involved in the creation of Bookbirds. It was wonderful to hear his view of the School as an intellectual creative nest with Bookbirds symbolising the energy, ethos and professionalism; he said that Year 10 students had embraced the freedom to create something completely unique and experiment with materials to express ‘flying high’.

Two of our art scholars Isobel and Kate spoke about their experience of being part of the project and their individual pieces. “My favourite thing about the Bookbirds is how unique each one is, reflecting the individuality of each girl here at St Helen’s.” Isobel, Year 11

Upper Sixth art scholar Caroline gave a vote of thanks to Michael Brennand-Wood for his inspiring involvement in the project:

“The message that we, as students, are able to fly high as a result of the knowledge and education provided for us is so important to remember. […] having an opportunity to work with established artists such as Michael Brennand-Wood has been an inspiration to all of us. As individuals with such unprecedented opportunities and potential, we have the right and responsibility to fly high and make a positive impact through our lives.”

Careful planning and logistics went into the installation in the Science Atrium, guided by a full miniature model created for this purpose. The exhibition has been generously supported by the Parent Association.

St Helen & St Katharine

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