Badminton School Science students have a paper published by Physics Education

Badminton School Science students have a paper published by Physics Education

23 January 2018

On Wednesday 10th January, a paper written by three of Badminton School’s Science Outreach Team entitled ‘Demonstrating the Curie Temperature in the classroom’, was published by the Physics Education journal. Physics Education is an international academic and peer reviewed journal published by the Institute of Physics that reflects the needs and interests of secondary school teachers, teacher trainers and those involved with courses up to introductory undergraduate level.

The paper, which details new, classroom friendly demonstrations of the Curie Temperature of a number of metals, is the first paper that the Badminton Science students have had published. It was co-authored by three Sixth Form students and Mr Williams, Head of Science Outreach at Badminton.  An additional seven students have been acknowledged within the paper for their help in its creation.

Ideas for the article came from demonstrations the Outreach team developed for their magnetism show, ‘Is a Grape Magnetic?’. The programme reaches around 1,500 Junior School aged children each year and is split between events based on low temperature physics, magnetism and exothermic chemistry, all presented and choreographed by the Badminton students themselves.

Mr Williams, Head of Science Outreach at Badminton, commented: “I am extremely proud and feel privileged to have worked alongside all of the girls involved in the creation of this paper; from undertaking the research to support the initial idea, through to writing the paper itself. The work of these girls will inspire young minds and they act as a role model for other girls who wish to become more involved in Physics”.

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