Explosive Science Demonstrations at Cheltenham Ladies’ College

Explosive Science Demonstrations at Cheltenham Ladies’ College

30 January 2018

Ninety students from schools as far away as Portishead joined GCSE and A Level pupils at Cheltenham Ladies’ College for a dramatic lecture demonstration from Mr Nick Barker of Warwick University, as well as lectures by PhD student Krishna Mistry and Mr Tim Harrison, from the University of Bristol. The event was co-sponsored by Bristol University’s ChemNET and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

In the afternoon, 300 primary school children, including students from Hester’s Way, Holy Trinity, Richard Pate, Berhampstead and Dunalley witnessed Mr Tim Harrison’s explosive Gases in the Air demonstrations with colour changing chemicals, a liquid nitrogen shower and spectacular bangs and flashes!

Mr Matt Gill, Head of Chemistry at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, said: “It’s such a wonderful occasion every year where we see young children getting so excited by Chemistry. The children’s enthusiasm is clear to see and they certainly leave with smiles on their faces and some new ideas about the nature of science.”

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