Finn, the brave police dog from Hertfordshire, is coming to St. Francis’ College

Finn, the brave police dog from Hertfordshire, is coming to St. Francis’ College

19 January 2018

We are happy to welcome Finn, the brave police dog, in the theatre at St. Francis’ College. Please come along and bring your friends on the 25th of February!

Finn – who was stabbed in the line of duty – and his Owner, Dave Wardell will Introduce and Sign their book, Fabulous Finn

Hertfordshire, October 5th 2016. At around 2 a.m., PC Dave Wardell and his dog, PD Finn, were trying to apprehend a robbery suspect when he turned around and attacked them. Finn was stabbed with a ten-inch-bladed knife, both through his chest, via his side and then – the knife bound for Dave – through the top of his head. Finn no doubt saved Dave’s life, but the race was now on to try and save Finn’s.

Dave Wardell’s heartfelt memoir charts an incredible journey of friendship and loyalty. It is a celebration of the bond between one man and his dog, from when Dave collected Finn from his kennels at just nine months old, all the way through to Finn’s recent and hard-earned retirement. The book charts the career of a highly trained, highly decorated dog. In his time on the job Finn tracked offenders of all kinds; found missing children; tackled armed offenders; saved lives. But Finn isn’t just a police dog – he’s also a cherished family pet and this is his remarkable, life-affirming story.

Dave Wardell joined the police force in 2003, and trained as a dog handler in 2009. Since then, led by Finn, who was his crime-fighting partner for seven years, he’s tracked murderers and rapists, burglars and missing persons, car thieves and assault suspects. Finn is winner of the 2017 Daily Mirror Animal Hero of the Year Award and the 2017 IFAW Animal of the Year Award.

Please note that no other dogs will be allowed at the event.

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