Girls enter Hampshire Crime Commissioner’s staying safe online competition

Girls enter Hampshire Crime Commissioner’s staying safe online competition

19 January 2018

Portsmouth High School, GDST, girls have entered the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s staying safe online competition. 

The girls were tasked with creating a comic strip or story about staying safe online.  Primary school pupils have been learning about cyber safety through five sea monsters: Bi-Diphorous, Info-Eator, Angler, Selphire and Meanatour.  The senior girls were asked to design a superhero who can combat one of these cyber sea monsters and defeat them. 

Priyanka Patel from Year 7 and Faith Adams and Charlotte Wallace both from Year 8 have sent off their entries this week to the Commission. 

Faith Adams’ comic strip ‘Don’t judge a link by its cover’ uses the Angler sea monster as her villain and highlights the dangers of linking with people that you don’t know online and Priyanka wrote about the Bi-Diophorous messaging a 12-year-old girl called Lucy and trying to arrange to meet up with her. 

‘I really enjoyed writing the story,’ said Priyanka.  ‘And it has made me think more about staying safe online.’ 

Over the last few months the girls have undertaken a series of workshops and training sessions given by the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner and have been taught a baseline knowledge of social media and internet issues including sexting, digital fingerprint, sharing online, cyber bullying, harassment and cyber stalking, virtual mobbing and doxxing, malicious communications, grooming, privacy, reporting and evaluation. 

Now, the older girls trained as ‘Cyber Ambassadors’ are in a position to deliver training sessions to the younger girls in school thereby promoting the values they have been taught to their peers. 

Headmistress of Portsmouth High School,  Mrs Jane Prescott, said: ‘Any training and awareness that young people receive on the impacts and consequences of cyber bullying is extremely important.  As a result of the training that has been held, these young Cyber Ambassador will be better equipped to help identify issues and help enable their friends and fellow pupils to stay safe when using the internet, social media and online gaming.’

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