100 Million Minutes of Reading Challenge at Manor House School

100 Million Minutes of Reading Challenge at Manor House School

22 February 2018

Manor House School will launch its participation in the ‘100 Million Minutes Reading Challenge 2018’ at our upcoming World Book Day assembly on Thursday.  The national challenge, launched by actor Lennie James (as seen in Blade Runner, Walking Dead) and shown on television yesterday, will officially begin at 9.00am on World Book Day (Thursday 1 March) and will run until 5.00pm on 29 March.  Manor House will continue to run the challenge despite breaking up for the Easter Holidays on Friday 23 March. 

The ultimate aim is for children in schools and nurseries across the country to ‘get reading’ and reach a grand total of 100 million minutes reading time. All reading counts so they can record magazines, ebooks, newspapers, comics, scripts as well as books. Every time a Manor House pupil reads, their minutes will be logged either in their planners or as part of a class chart/record. Totals will be forwarded to our Library Manager, Mrs Marriott, on a regular basis, so that she can update our progress on the 100 million minutes’ website throughout the month-long challenge.

Speaking about the challenge, Professor Sonia Blandford, CEO of Achievement for All, the charity heading the initiative, said: “We know that introducing all children and young people to the habit of reading in everyday life can improve communication skills and drastically brighten future prospects. If just 10 minutes of reading a day can have a huge impact on a child’s development, imagine what 100 million minutes can achieve!”

Certificates will  be available to individuals who reach key reading targets during the challenge. 

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