An Extraordinary Day at Young Voices for Talbot Heath

An Extraordinary Day at Young Voices for Talbot Heath

8 February 2018

On Friday 2nd February, Year 5 set off for an experience of a lifetime, performing at the Young Voices Concert as part of the world’s biggest choir at the 02 Arena. 35 excited girls sang their hearts out all the way on the coach, belting out classics such as ‘Africa’ and Talbot Heath’s new school theme tune ‘Extraordinary’ written especially for the event by Jazz/ Soul artist Natalie Williams.

The perfectly behaved group rehearsed all afternoon along with 7700 other children before their mega evening performance, to an audience of over 10,000 which included some of their parents. With an electric atmosphere, the Talbot Heath girls danced and sang with big smiles on their faces and enjoyed special performances by Natalie Williams, Street Dance group Urban Strides and a Capella vocalists The M4gnets.

Leaving the arena with military precision in a 40 strong procession – the unbreakable ‘Talbot Train’ – the girls fell into a blissful sleep on the homeward journey. Thank you to the music department who have rehearsed relentlessly for months, to the staff supporting on the day and the girls themselves for giving their all and being excellent ambassadors for Talbot Heath.

On being asked ‘What was the best bit of your Young Voices experience’ here are some quotes from the girls themselves:

Alex – It was amazing being with all my friends performing in the same place as Little Mix have.

Ruby – Singing with all my friends.

Jessica Jane T – Singing with Natalie Williams

Grace – The best bit as at the very start when all the lights went out and it was very dramatic!

Jessica Jane N – I had the best time, I loved the atmosphere and will remember this experience for the rest of my life! I have also lost my voice!

Darcey – I loved the atmosphere and singing with 7700 other children!

Katherine – I loved dancing and singing at the coolest mega party ever and the kids versus parents dance battle!

Niamh – I loved seeing Natalie Williams, Urban Strides and staying up late!

Izzy – Singing with pop stars and hearing the audience cheer!

Sophia F – Best bit was being with 7705 children and my friends and being up late!

Eleanor – I loved the torches and the lighting and special effects!

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